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Family owned and operated for several generations, Hanna Stables has been serving guests in Belize for many years. We are among the oldest horseback riding establishments in the country and have 15 horses available for daily horseback rides. We also offer private overnight accommodations in stone cottages, which are located on the same property as the stables. We also do organic, sustainable farming and invite you to learn about farming techniques in Belize.

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Overnight Accommodations

Private Stone Cottages

Come stay overnight with us in one of our private stone cottages, located on a beautiful organic farm. All cottage rooms are private and secure with private bathrooms. Each cabin as running electricity with running water, a lock and key to each door, and bedding configurations including twin beds, full size beds, and bunk beds. All towels, bed linens, and blankets are provided. If you do not have a vehicle, we can arrange for private taxis or the public bus to take you into San Ignacio town (approximately 10 miles away).

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“Santiago (one of the owners) picked us up at our hotel and drove us back, engaging us in lively banter before we arrived at Hanna’s Stables. We actually decided to stay with them and do another ride after having such a wonderful time.”




“If heaven were a place on Earth…

IT WOULD BE HANNA STABLES.” – Casey, recent guest

Come ride with us!

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