Belize Rainforest Medicine Trail

Rainforests have been known to hold many medicinal plants, and Belize’s are no exception. In fact, the Maya were among the most advanced ancient societies in a couple of ways. Their construction skills were solid, as evidenced by their remaining Mayan ruins. And they were also experts at finding natural healing and medicinal remedies. Many researchers, students, and enthusiasts have come to Belize to study medicinal plants.

One of the best and most comprehensive ways to do this is by visiting the Rainforest Medicinal Trail at Chaa Creek in San Ignacio. This self-guided or guided tour lasts 60-90 minutes depending on your interests and will take you on a long, easy hike through a lovely garden where many medicinal plants have been marked.

Ancient Mayan Shaman in Belize

Medicinal Plants in Belize

Here are just a few of the many medicinal plants in Belize:

“Sorosi” or “condiamor”

This vine produces leaves that can be boiled down into a tonic that treats and prevents parasites such as ticks or lice. It also treats dysentery and may prevent diabetes.


A huge flower that unfortunately does not have a pleasant scent, this plant is used as a drink to remedy colds, flu, stomach aches, and indigestion.


This tree’s leaves are used to prepare tea for treating hypertension and diabetes, as well as being used as a sedative.

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The Rainforest Medicinal Trial is located within Chaa Creek resort. It is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm daily. Trails are very walkable and not strenuous. Sturdy footwear and bug spray are recommended.

Interview with a Mayan Shaman in Belize from Gemini Connect on Vimeo.

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