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Places to Visit in Belize

Here are some key places to consider adding to your Belize travel itinerary. Note that beach towns and mountain towns are rather far apart from each other, so it is best to divide your time between these towns rather than visit them all on the same day.

Best Belize Beaches

A good chunk of Belize is coastal, meaning there are tons of dreamy Caribbean beaches to enjoy on your vacation.

Islands Off the Coast of Belize

Two of these beach towns are islands off the coast of Belize: Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye (San Pedro).  Both islands can be accessed by boat from the Belize City water taxi terminal, which is very close to the Belize City Airport. To reach the islands faster, you can also take a flight via Tropic Air.

Beach Towns on the Mainland of Belize

There are also several other beach options on mainland Belize: the towns of Belize City, Hopkins, and Placencia. If you are seeking quieter, more relaxing beaches, Hopkins and Placencia are your best options. Both towns can be accessed by public bus, private driver, or Tropic Air flights.

Mountains of Belize

If you prefer jungles and mountains over the beach, San Ignacio, Belize is the best town for you! This town is a 90-minute direct drive from Belize City and it is a popular outpost for visitors seeking to explore Mayan ruins in Belize, or take a day trip to Tikal. There are also ample opportunities to partake in mountain activities such as cave tubing, rappelling, hiking, and more.

Map of Belize Attractions