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Places to Visit in Mexico

Spending some time in Quintana Roo, Mexico before or after your visit to Belize? Here are a few hotspots close to the Belize border that we recommend visiting.

Recommended Itinerary: Cancún to Belize

  • Start in Cancún and bus to Playa del Carmen (1 hour, 68.2 km)
  • Playa del Carmen to Tulum (52 min, 64.8 km)
  • Tulum to Bacalar (2 hours and 18 min, 215 km)
  • Bacalar to Chetumal (37 min, 39.4 km)

From Chetumal, you can take the water taxi to San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) or directly to Belize City.

Mexico to Belize travel itinerary

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