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We are located just a few miles west of San Ignacio in the Cayo District of Belize. We are a 90-minute direct drive away from Belize City. Note that we do not have a precise address, but if you ask anyone where to find “Hanna Stables” or “Nabitunich,” any local can point you in the right direction. To find us, please follow one of the 4 options below.

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Transportation Options

1) Take a Tropic Air flight (the fastest yet most expensive)

The airline of Belize, Tropic Air runs a fleet of small airplanes and can take you just about anywhere in Belize. From Belize City, you can board a Tropic Air flight and fly directly to the airstrip in San Ignacio; if you choose this option, we can send a driver to meet you at the San Ignacio airport and bring you to our doorstep.

2) Take the public bus (cheapest, yet slowest)

If you take the bus from Belize City to San Ignacio, the rate is about $10USD per adult for the bus ticket. When you reach San Ignacio, we recommend taking a taxi the rest of the way. Hop into any local taxi and ask the driver to take you to “Hanna Stables.” Any local should know where we are located. We are 4 miles outside of San Ignacio, located just a few minutes before the hand cranked ferry to Xunantunich, and about 10 minutes before you reach the Guatemala border.

3) Arrange for private transportation

We work with trusted and reputable local Belize transportation operator Godoy Transfers. Through them, we can arrange for a private driver to pick you up at a destination of your choosing and bring you directly to our lodge. The current rate for a pickup from Belize City to Hanna Stables/Nabitunich when you book through us is $100 USD for a 4-seater car and a private driver. Note that all vacation packages include a pickup and drop off from Belize City to San Ignacio.

4) Drive yourself

If you are coming from San Ignacio, drive about 10 miles down the Western Highway. Continue on the highway, passing signs to Black Rock Lodge, Clarissa Falls, and Chaa Creek. Right before you hit a downhill slope leading to the hand cranked ferry to Xunantunich, you should see a stone sign on your right-hand sign reading “Nabitunich.” Follow the dirt road to the very end where you will see the stables on your left and the cottages straight ahead.

If you are coming form the Guatemala border, drive down the Western Highway until you pass the hand cranked ferry to Xunantunich. After you climb up a hill, be on the lookout for a sign reading “Nabitunich” on your left hand sign. Turn down the dirt road and follow it to the very end.

For Immediate Assistance

*If you get lost or stuck at any time when you are in Belize, please call Santiago on his cell phone: +501 661-1536.

**If you are experiencing technical difficulties when trying to make a reservation on our website, please email us at