Tropical Wings Butterfly Farm

With its warm, tropical climate, Belize is home to over 700 butterfly species of all kinds of dazzling colors and patterns. Many of these butterflies can be spotted in the wild or at one of many butterfly farms located throughout the country. Specifically within San Ignacio, there are several reputable butterfly farms that are research oriented and also open to visitors.

All farms are geared toward studying butterflies to help conserve their presence in Belize, as well as educating visitors about butterflies and their native environments. When visiting a farm, guests will likely be able to observe butterflies at every stage of their life cycles, from pale green egg to caterpillar to pupa, and then finally the stunning butterfly that emerges. Most farms will also have a large enclosed area where visitors can wander and observe dozens of full-sized butterflies in action.

Belize Butterfly Farm

Butterfly Species Found in Belize (Partial list)

One species in particular that is found in Belize is the stunning Blue Morpho Butterfly. As its name implies, this butterfly’s wings are a deep blue, edged with black. Among the largest butterflies in the world, the blue morpho’s wing span can range from five to eight inches.  Other familiar butterfly species include:

Heliconiinae Agraulis vanillae Rare
Heliconiinae Dryadula phaetusa Rare
Heliconiinae Dione juno Variable
Heliconiinae Dryas iulia Constant
Heliconiinae Eueides isabellae Constant
Heliconiinae Euptoieta hegesia Variable
Heliconiinae Heliconius charitonius Constant
Heliconiinae Heliconius erato Constant
Heliconiinae Heliconius hecale zuleika Constant
Heliconiinae Heliconius ismenius Variable
Heliconiinae Heliconius sapho Variable
Heliconiinae Heliconius cydno Rare
Ithomiinae Dircenna dero Variable
Ithomiinae Greta oto Variable
Ithomiinae Mechanitis polymnia Variable
Ithomiinae Pteronymia cotytto Variable
Nymphalidae Anartia fatima Variable
Nymphalidae Anartia jatrophae Variable
Nymphalidae Biblis hyperia Variable
Nymphalidae Caligo eurilochus Rare
Nymphalidae Caligo memnon Constant
Nymphalidae Caligo uranus Rare
Nymphalidae Catenophele mexicana Variable
Nymphalidae Chlosyne gaudealis Variable
Nymphalidae Chlosyne janais Variable
Nymphalidae Colubura dirce Constant
Nymphalidae Danaus gilippus Variable
Nymphalidae Danaus plexippus Variable
Nymphalidae Hamadryas amphinome Rare
Nymphalidae Hamadryas februa Constant
Nymphalidae Hamadryas feronia Variable
Nymphalidae Hamaryas ipthime Variable
Nymphalidae Historus odius Rare
Nymphalidae Junonia genoveva Variable
Nymphalidae Morpho peleides Constant and in large numbers
Nymphalidae Myscelia ethusa Constant
Nymphalidae Myscelia cyaniris Rare
Nymphalidae Opsiphanes cassina Variable
Nymphalidae Siproeta stelenes Constant
Nymphalidae Siproeta epaphus Rare
Papilionidae Battus polydamas Variable
Papilionidae Heraclides (Papilio) anchisiades Variable
Papilionidae Heraclides (Papilio) cresphontes Variable
Papilionidae Heraclided (Papilio) thoas Constant
Papilionidae Parides erithalion polyzelus Variable
Papilionidae Parides photinus Variable
Papilionidae Parides iphidamas Variable
Papilionidae Parides sesostris Rare
Pieridae Ascia monuste Variable
Pieridae Appias drusilla Variable
Pieridae Eurema proterpia Variable
Pieridae Eurema nise Variable
Pieridae Phoebis philae Variable
Pieridae Phoebis sennae & related species Variable
Pieridae Pieriballia viardi Rare

Butterfly Farms in San Ignacio

When you’re looking for something to do in Belize besides explore Mayan ruins and the Saturday Market, consider visiting a butterfly farm.

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