What to Wear for Horseback Riding

Wondering what to wear for horseback riding in Belize? This is a common question our guests ask before embarking on one of our many horseback riding tours here in Belize. In this article, we’ll highlight a few key items you’ll want to pack for your tour with us. You can also check out our more comprehensive Belize travel packing list with a downloadable sheet.

Consider the Weather

First off, consider what time of year you will be visiting. As a largely tropical area, Belize has hot and humid temperatures year round. However, certain times of year will be warmer than others, and we do have a notorious rainy reason.

December – April

  • Clear, sunny skies are present from February through April.
  • This is high tourist season in Belize.
  • Tour and accommodations reservations are essential.


  • Rainy season in Belize lasts from June to November.
  • There are significantly fewer tourists during this time period.
  • Reservations are recommended, but not as crucial as during high tourist season.

Current Weather Conditions in Belize

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Horseback Riding Gear List

Regardless of what time of year you choose to visit us, there are some bare essentials that you should bring for your horse riding tour. A majority of our tours are catered to beginning or inexperienced horseback riders, so don’t worry about bringing too much stuff with you.

If you are doing a horse ride to the Mayan ruins, note that we cannot bring the horses within a certain distance of the Mayan ruins. You will have to dismount and leave the horses tied outside of the premises while you explore the ruins on foot.

We supply horses, Western-style saddles, riding helmets, and a lunch stop. Everything else is up to you to bring. None of these items are required, but they are highly recommended.

Recommended Clothing

Riding in a saddle can result in chafing of the legs, so we highly recommend wearing long pants for ultimate comfort. Covered shoes are also recommended to protect your feet. If you have a sensitivity to the sun or insects, a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt may also be beneficial. You may also want to bring a packable rain jacket or poncho if you are visiting during the wet season. Finally, consider wearing a hat to shield your head from the sun.

Recommended Accessories

There are many small items that are not necessary but can help make your tour more enjoyable. Don’t forget a lightweight, packable day trip bag to hold your items.

What do you think?

Would you add any other necessary must-have items to this list of what to wear for horseback riding? Let us know in the comments below!

What to wear horseback riding


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